Prose Hair Care Reviews: Is This The Custom Hair Treatment You Need?

Are you looking for a new haircare brand? If you’re tired of spending your money on international brands that deliver lackluster results, it’s time to think about changing to a brand that gives you the results you expect. Prose offers you one of the most comprehensive haircare lineups, with custom formulations to let you decide on the right product for your needs.

Our Prose Hair Care reviews look at the product range from this leading independent brand. We’ll unpack the product range and the pricing to give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

What Is Prose Hair Care?

Founded by Arnaud Plas in 2017, Prose is originally a French brand, with headquarters in Paris, the world’s capital for fashion and beauty. The company moved its headquarters to New York a few years later, and the company currently operates out of Brooklyn.

Prose takes the position that haircare is a personal journey, and it formulated its product range with customizable options for its customers. You can customize your haircare formulations to suit your unique hair type, color, and fragrance preferences.

Plas started his career with L’Oreal, one of the leading women’s beauty brands, and his time with the company taught him the in’s and out’s of the trade. He took that influence into Prose, using a team of R&D experts in Paris to formulate the Prose range.

Prose is a certified “B” corporation, meaning that it’s transparent with its carbon impact on the planet. The product range from Prose is extensive, with plenty of customizable options. Some of the top-selling products include the following.

The Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask brings your hair more moisture and vibrance, and Prose can tailor the formula to suit your hair’s needs, rehydrating your hair and repairing any damage from dryness.

The Prose Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask features an 8.5 Fl-oz jar containing micro-exfoliation beads to restore and purify your scalp. It will soothe and refresh your scalp preparing the terrain for the rest of your haircare treatment.

You also have a sulfate-free shampoo for your unique haircare needs, hydrating and rebalancing your roots. The sulfate-free shampoo manages to work up a good lather, and the conditioner reduces frizzle in your hair.

The Prose Dry Shampoo Prose Hair Oil repairs split ends in your hair while improving texture by adding more nourishment and moisture. Prose also offers a curl-cream and a leave-in conditioner providing excellent results.

How Does Prose Hair Care Work?

If you’re looking at purchasing from Prose, you have the option of starting with a one-off purchase for your hair care products. If you find the results satisfactory, you have the opportunity to create a subscription for the regular delivery of your haircare products.

A Prose Membership is flexible, and the plan costs nothing to sign up. When you sign up for your membership, you receive a 15% discount on the shipping costs, and you get limited-edition gifts sent to you along with a guided audio series telling you how to use the products for the best results.

Prose also offers you one free product for every ten purchased, and you can customize your order frequency to your haircare needs. You also have the option of pausing or canceling your membership at any time, with no charges or penalties.

How Much Does Prose Hair Care Cost?

The Prose haircare range has some high-quality ingredients in its formulation, and it’s a premium brand. However, you get the range at an affordable cost. Here are the prices you can expect to pay for Prose products. 

  • Prose Leave-In Conditioner $25
  • Prose Curl Cream $25.
  • Prose Dry Shampoo $25
  • Prose Hair Oil $48.
  • Prose Conditioner $25.
  • Prose shampoo pump for $25.
  • Prose Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask $38.
  • Prose Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask $38.

Sure, they might be a bit more expensive than what you’re used to paying for your haircare, but you get a high-quality formulation with excellent results from your treatments.

What are the Pros and Cons of Prose Hair Care?


  • Sustainably sourced ingredients from global partners.
  • No chemicals found in its formulations.
  • Organic and vegan-friendly.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Free shipping in the United States on orders over $50.
  • Products are available to stop thinning hair.
  • Cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, non-GMO, and alcohol-free.
  • Excellent customer reviews.


  • Somewhat expensive compared to other independent brands on the market.
  • No option for international shipping.

Prose Hair Care Reviews: Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for a premium haircare brand at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the value you get from Prose. Prose has one of the most comprehensive product lineups of any independent manufacturing brand, with natural formulations containing no harmful chemicals.

From volumizing formulations to serums and more, Prose has everything you need to keep your hair in great shape without breaking your monthly budget on cosmetics and beauty products. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

Prose Hair Care Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Prose manufactured?

Prose develops all of its formulations in Paris using qualified haircare specialists and dermatologists. They spent years in R&D to bring you one of the best haircare ranges on the market. The company sources its ingredients from global supply networks, ensuring that its manufacturing partners have a neutral carbon footprint.

Does Prose contain natural ingredients?

Yes, all Prose products in its range contain natural, organic ingredients. The company doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals like parabens, and it’s sulfate-free. You get nothing but the best results for your hair and a formulation you can rely on to deliver the results you expect. All Prose products are free from Parabens, Phthalates, Dyes, Mineral Oils, and Methylisothiazolinone.

Does Prose have an eco-friendly product range?

Yes, Prose prides itself on providing its customers with sustainable, ethically sourced hair care products. Prose is a “Certified B Company” to reduce its carbon footprint to zero in 2021. The brand only uses organic and vegan-friendly ingredients in its formulation, and it doesn’t do any animal testing on its range.

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