Management Software For Beauty Salons

The administration of your salon under control

Having the administration of your salon under control is very easy and comfortable with Versum. The program allows you to have a stock control of your products at all times; see the work schedules and productivity of your employees and billing in real-time among many other things. And the best of all is that you can access it from anywhere, you just need a cell phone, tablet or computer with Internet access.

  • Product inventory control
  • Statistics and financial reports with just one click
  • Employee control and commission administration

Digital Agenda And Online Booking Website

A digital agenda for your beauty salon will help you better organize your clients’ appointments among your work team. The paper diary, notes with bad handwriting, or studs are a thing of the past. Also, with the website for online reservations offered by the Versum beauty salon software, you will be able to see how your clients are booking and your schedule is automatically filled with appointments. Forget taking calls or answering messages for booking appointments!

Management Software For Beauty Salons
  • Easy-to-use, colorful digital diary per employee
  • Free online booking website
  • Sending automatic appointment reminders to clients
  • Attract more clients to your salon
  • Marketing tools in Versum software will help you communicate quickly and effectively with your customers. With Versum, sending a promotion to your customers is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Stay in touch with your clients and make them loyal to your salon; your calendar will automatically fill with appointments. 
  • Functions for marketing campaigns
  • Points program to retain customers
  • Online booking page available 24 hours

More Difficult Clients In Beauty Salons

Difficult-to-serve clients in a salon are not a new concept. It is likely that if your business has been in business for years and despite trying your best to offer the best service to your customers, you have had a good number of difficult customers to deal with. But, due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, a new class of difficult customers has appeared: those who do not want to comply with the security protocols established by the Government for beauty businesses. What to do with these types of clients?

The obvious reaction is to refuse to offer the service. By law, you can reserve the right of admission to your business. Due to the current situation, many clients could be upset if other clients do not comply with the safety protocols in your salon, so you should act according to the Government’s recommendations and follow the safety and hygiene protocols in your salon. of beauty. Some clients will be annoyed since they are not in favor of following the recommendations, but the vast majority will appreciate that you comply with the protocols and it can be a plus point to attract clients who want to feel safe while offering any service in your salon. beauty. 

These security measures can win you more customers who want to feel safe. So announce them on your social networks and send a message to your entire customer database through the Versum software announcing the measures taken in your salon. 

Having to switch to a digital beauty salon administration

Another of the new challenges that the new normal has brought to beauty salons is having to manage the salon digitally. One of the most important points of the safety and hygiene recommendations is to attend by appointment and have a record of the customers that enter and leave your business. Here you can read more about why you should implement an appointment system in your beauty salon. 

An online reservation system, in addition to saving you a lot of time from phone calls to book an appointment, will allow your clients to book at any time and from anywhere. The appointments they reserve will be automatically added to your agenda, always in the available spaces. A prior appointment system will guarantee you to work in complete safety since it will avoid crowds in your beauty salon. 

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