Keys To Exceptional Customer Service

Knowing exactly what your customers want, want, and need will keep you ahead of your competition and most importantly, you will be a valuable asset in your customer’s life.

Establishing high standards of customer service will be a key point in the overall success of your business. You must know and apply standards for your staff or team to follow and, if possible, exceed, when providing services to your clients.

Customer service and satisfaction should be continually exceeded. In other words, it is desirable to continue raising the bar for excellence.

You may have heard, “Don’t over-promise and exceed expectations,” which simply means that you should give more than what customers expect of you.


Speaking, listening, understanding, presenting ideas, listening carefully, clarifying what is said, showing honesty and compassion are the characteristics that build a long, strong, and trustworthy relationship with clients.

Keys To Exceptional Customer Service

 Identify The Needs Of Your Customers

Identifying and learning to anticipate the needs and desires of your customers is also key to keeping them interested, attracted, and connected to you and your business.

Your clients and potential clients buy your products and services, but what they are buying is the experience of the feelings that you provide in the services and the results of the products.

They want, need, and want the solutions you have for their problems. So a priority is to identify these problems so that we can continually provide solutions.

Show Appreciation

We all want to be appreciated and feel that we are important and your customers are no different. Exceptional customer service is treating your customers like a “superstar” and VIP.

Keep In Touch

Exceptional customer service doesn’t begin and end within the walls of your spa, salon, or office. Exceptional service also includes thinking about and acknowledging your customer after service.

More Time Between Client And Client

Another challenge that the new normal brings to beauty salons is to allocate time between client and client to disinfect service stations. This can alter the schedules in your work schedule and be a mess, but thanks to the Versum software’s online beauty salon schedule, it will be very easy to manage these disinfection times. The system will automatically assign each time after the appointment without you having to worry about anything. If you still don’t use Versum, remember that you can open an account free.

More Holes In The Agenda Of Your Beauty Salon

Losing customers to the new normal is one of the biggest challenges hair salons face. Before the quarantine, your customers may have to wait weeks to find an available slot in your schedule, but it seems that after the reopening, things are much quieter. The loss of clients can be due to several factors ranging from fear of being infected to salons having raised their prices and clients not being able to pay for treatments as often. If you find that your salon has suffered a significant loss of customers after reopening, you must find out what exactly may be causing this loss of customers. To do this, first of all, talk to your work team,

Fear of infection: even if you follow government guidelines in your salon to ensure the safety of your clients, they may still be afraid to enter your salon. If that’s the case, apply additional procedures to help them feel more confident in your salon.

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