Hers Hair Reviews: Is this this the Best Hair Loss for Women?

Are you a woman losing your hair? It’s a nightmare to find the shower drain clogging with more hair than usual. Sure, losing your hair is bad if you’re a man, but it’s positively life-changing, and not in a good way, for women.

There are plenty of reasons why women may start to lose their hair. Stress plays a major role, but there are hormonal changes and genetics to consider as well. Whatever the reason, losing your hair is a depressing feeling, and it can severely affect your mental health, leading to anxiety and depression, which advances the problem.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. Our Hers hair loss review introduces you to a brand that promises to halt and reverse your hair loss. The company uses proven generic medications to improve hair and follicle strength, reducing and eliminating hair loss with frequent use of its products.

Let’s unpack everything you need to know about Hers hair loss products for women.

What Is Hers Hair Loss?

Hers is a telemedicine company offering your hair loss products online. This subscription service makes it easy to get your hands on proven medications that halt and even reverse hair loss in women. Hers offers you a comprehensive product range, including kits and single products to solve your hair loss crisis.

The Hers range focuses on three specific products for improving the health of your scalp and your hair follicles. You have options for a 2% Minoxidil foam or solution, vitamin biotin gummies, and thickening shampoo and conditioners featuring DHT.

You can purchase your Hers hair renewal kit online, directly through the companies websites, and there’s no need for a prescription. The Hers range comes with the following products and combination kits.

The Hers Weekender Kit

  • Detox Scalp Scrub
  • Rapid Repair Hair Mask

The Complete Hair Kit

  • Minoxidil 2 oz bottle
  • The Shampoo DHT 6.4 oz bottle
  • The Conditioner
  • Biotin Gummies

The Salon Strength System

  • Minoxidil 2%
  • DHT Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Rapid Repair Hair Mask
  • Detox Scalp Scrub
  • Collagen Powder
  • Biotin Gummies

Hers also offers the following products as singles, without the need to purchase a kit.

  • Minoxidil Foam for Women
  • Women’s Minoxidil 2% Topical Solution
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Biotin Gummies

How Does Hers Hair Loss Work?

Hers relies on proven medications, vitamins, and supplements for restoring your hair. The backbone of the offering is its Minoxidil products. Originally developed in the 1950s as a blood pressure medication, Minoxidil saw its first use as a therapeutic hair treatment in the 1990s. Medical science no longer uses Minoxidil for treating high blood pressure, and its only use is for regrowing hair.

Minoxidil stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, increasing hair growth. With the frequent application of Hers Minoxidil, it’s possible to regrow your hair from previously unresponsive follicles. Minoxidil is available in foam and solution products, giving you a choice of options to suit your needs.

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved product clinically proven to regrow your hair. When combined with a derma roller, it’s most effective, allowing rapid absorption into the scalp for best results. Both the foam and the solution dry fast, leaving no oily residue, and your hair won’t have a tacky feel between your fingers.

The biotin gummies give your body the nutrients you need to support hair growth, and the volumizing shampoo and conditioner help thicken your hair.

What Does Hers Hair Loss Cost?

Hers hair loss products are affordable thanks to the use of generic medications like Minoxidil. The shampoo and conditioner are reasonably priced, and its biotin gummies are a sweet treat that doesn’t come with a heavy price tag.

You can pick up the combination sets and single products for the following prices on the official website. You also have options for subscription packages offering you an extra discount.

  • Complete hair kit – $44 per kit / $127 for a three-month supply.
  • The Weekender Kit – $40 per kit / $108 for a three-month supply.
  • The Salon Strength System – $84.33 per kit / $253 for a 3-month supply.
  • Minoxidil 2% Solution – $45 for a three month supply / $ $15 each.
  • Minoxidil 2% Foam – $54.00 for a four-month supply / $15 each.
  • Shampoo – $38 for two bottles.
  • Conditioner – $47 for two bottles.
  • Rapid Repair Hair Mask – $44 for two jars.
  • Detox Scalp Scrub – $22 per jar.
  • Biotin Gummies – $16 per bottle.

Hers Hair Loss Review: Our Recommendation

Hers hair loss products work. They have clinical trials backing the efficacy of the products, and everything is FDA-approved for safety. Hers promises to stop your hair loss and help you regrow your hair, provided you keep up with your subscription.

Unf0ortunately, if you stop using the Minoxidil, you might experience your hair falling out again. As a result, it’s a long-term treatment requiring daily use. However, if you’re dealing with hair loss, it’s the most effective way to halt the condition in its tracks.

Hers Hair Loss Review Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hers Hair Loss safe for women?

Yes, Hers hair loss products are suitable for use in women. You have options for 2% and 5% Minoxidil solutions to suit the severity of your hair loss. All minoxidil formulations come with FDA approval for safety, and there are thousands of satisfied testimonials on the company website. Try it yourself and experience the best method for halting hair loss.

How long does it take to restore my hair with Hers?

Typically, it takes anywhere from two to three months before you start noticing results. You’ll have to keep the treatment going, as removing the Minoxidil therapy will cause your scalp to revert to losing hair again. However, as long as you keep it up, you’ll find you manage to maintain a full head of hair.

Is Hers an FDA-approved hair loss product?

A: Yes, Hers uses generic Minoxidil in its primary hair loss prevention products. Minoxidil has over 70-years of clinical studies supporting its efficacy and safety for regrowing hair. The medication is FDA-approved, and you don’t have to worry about safety concerns. There are no toxic ingredients in Hers Minoxidil or any of its products.

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